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About ѨƵ

ѨƵ Strategic Pathways

Our Aspiration: ѨƵ will be a leading regional comprehensive university impacting learners, businesses, and communities throughout the Great Lakes region.


When ѨƵ is at its best, we make a real difference in people’s lives. Our 178 years of accumulated wisdom of how people best learn attracts those who seek to make a meaningful impact in their own lives and in their communities. The transformation evident in our graduates matters to them and to the work they will do for the betterment of all.

For decades, ѨƵ has been recognized as a leading university in our region, specifically for those striving to live a better life. This is a strong position from which to take our next meaningful steps and honor our history of excellence.

Our greatest assets are the committed and talented people who come together under the single mission to help those who seek to live a better life. These initiatives equip us to create the highest opportunity for success for the high-est number of learners. Our transformation as a university is to do what we do more broadly. This plan will help us be the best university we can be.

ѨƵ continues to evolve with the addition of new bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, new facilities to support those programs, and new initiatives to broaden the impact our people make on the region. Because of that work, ѨƵ is poised to thrive as we embark on an ambitious path that will stretch our historical footprints in numerous ways.

As we expand in new directions, ѨƵ will continue to hold the traditional four-year undergraduate degree as the core of our institution. These degrees will recognize the foundational value of the arts and sciences as resources for a personal life well lived as well as for the skills and competencies sought by graduate schools and by current and future employers. These same skills and competencies uniquely prepare ѨƵ graduates to become the leaders, influencers, and drivers of a better future for us all.

These are bold initiatives that require commitment, especially when higher education is in a time of unprecedented challenges. The rising cost of a quality education, diminishing funds, and changing markets make our differentiating promise more important than ever. Our founding mission calls to ѨƵ those who dream bigger with the eagerness and talent to work hard. We have a responsibility to help them gain access and succeed.

Research shows the return on investment in a college education is higher than ever before. The correlation between what we do as a university and the quality of people’s lives is universally important to every generation. It necessitates celebrating all that makes us distinctive and making decisions that build on our unique assets and strengths. Finally, it means being recognized consistently as one of the top private comprehensive universities in our region.

Pathway 1 — ѨƵ Experience

Our aspiration:

Provide a transformative ѨƵ experience for all members of the ѨƵ community.

Why is this important?

An extraordinary experience is the cornerstone of ѨƵ. Those seeking to make an impact with their education and work want to make every moment have meaningful impact toward their goals. Innovation is at the forefront of adopting and creating practices that improve our work and, in turn, student success which will elevate the value of ѨƵ.

What are our objectives?

Pathway 2 — ѨƵ Expansion

Our aspiration:

ѨƵ will be recognized as an essential university in the region, elevating our impact, awareness, and institutional reputation.

Why is this important?

ѨƵ’s history of providing inclusive access and an excellent and affordable education provides pathways to college for new markets of learners. Work-ing to broaden our regional impact and deepen our reach will strengthen a leadership position that supports growth.

What are our objectives?

Pathway 3 — ѨƵ Resources

Our aspiration: 

ѨƵ will strengthen the financial foundation of the University to secure its future vitality and affordability.

Why is this important?

Executing consistent and reliable strategies that improve operational excel-lence is key to the future stability of the University. Responsible stewardship of resources, focused on providing access for a greater number of learners of all ages while growing philanthropic support, builds confidence in ѨƵ.

What are our objectives?