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Adult Student ѨƵ

Adult Students

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Who is an Adult Student?

At ѨƵ, students meeting one or more of the following criteria may be considered an adult student:

  • Students pursuing a bachelor's degree who are age 24 years or older, starting or returning to college more than five years after high school.
  • Veteran, active military or reservist.
  • Considered financially independent for purposes of determining financial aid.
  • Fulfill multiple adult roles such as parent, spouse/partner, caregiver, employee and student.

Flexible Schedules for Working Adults

Accelerate your degree or take it at your own pace. Adults bring a high level of motivation and commitment to their college studies, but the reality is that college has to fit with the rest of your life. At ѨƵ, you'll work one-on-one with an advisor who understands your priorities and helps you find a schedule that works for you, even if that changes from semester to semester.

Degree Completion Options

ѨƵ offers many options to complete your degree:

  • Evening classes, just one night a week
  • Accelerated eight-week minimester classes
  • Accelerated five-day immersion classes
  • Online and hybrid classes
  • Traditional day classes too, if that fits your schedule (some start as early as 8 a.m.)

Evening or Online Programs of Study

View all undergraduate majors and minors.

Associate to Bachelor's Program (A2ѨƵ)

Associate to Bachelor's Program (A2ѨƵ) - If you've earned an associate degree from a regionally accredited college or university, all the credit you've earned with your associate degree will be honored and you may have reduced core requirements, putting you on a fast track toward the completion of your bachelor's degree at ѨƵ.

ѨƵ Transfer Core

How does my credit transfer if I attended another four-year school or have community college credit without an associate degree?

Students transferring to ѨƵ with 25 credits or more but no associate degree follow the ѨƵ Transfer Core, which is based on the State of Ohio's Articulation and Transfer Policy - . The ѨƵ Transfer Core includes:

  • 3 credits English Composition and Oral Communication
  • 3 credits Mathematics, Statistics and Logic
  • 6 credits Arts and Humanities (2 different disciplines)
  • 6 credits Social and Behavioral Sciences (2 different disciplines)
  • 6 credits Natural Sciences (at least 1 lab course)
  • Plus 12 credits of additional coursework from the disciplines above or courses based on proposed major at four-year school.

ѨƵ's Online Transfer Guide

ѨƵ's online transfer guide shows how courses transfer from more than 80 area colleges and universities. Students also transfer credits from many other accredited schools not included in the online transfer guide.

Transfer Equivalencies

ѨƵ transfer admission counselors assist prospective transfer and adult students by advising for general education and major requirements while you are still at your community college or previous institution.

Our counselors will work with you to review your credits. to see how your credits transfer - before you even apply for admission! You can also and a transfer admission counselor will review your transcripts.

Transfer FAQ

The following are frequently asked questions we receive from transfer students. Send an email to transfer@bw.edu if you have additional questions.


If you have questions, please contact the ѨƵ ѨƵ Office at (440) 826‑2222.