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Guest Student ѨƵ

Transient & Non-Degree Students

Undergraduate ѨƵ Office

(440) 826-2222, admission@bw.edu

ѨƵ Welcomes You...One Class, One Semester or More

Transient Student Enrollment

Transient student enrollment allows students from another college or university to enroll at ѨƵ for one semester, with the purpose of transferring that coursework back to their home institution.

Current ѨƵ students who wish to enroll as a transient student at another college or university should login to to access the appropriate Transient form. Questions from current ѨƵ students can be directed to Hadden Alexander at halexand@bw.edu or (440) 826-5901.

Post-Bacc Studies and Preparation for Graduate School

ѨƵ works with many adults who have earned a bachelor's degree and want to continue their studies to take prerequisite courses for a graduate or professional program, to earn a second bachelor's degree, or to pursue a different career. A ѨƵ admission counselor can help you get started. Contact admission@bw.edu or (440) 826-2222.

Alumni Audit

ѨƵ alumni can audit a course at a special rate, if seats are available in the class.

Professional Development

ѨƵ's professional development and executive training courses have strengthened careers and organizations throughout Northeast Ohio.

Institute for Learning in Retirement

Senior adults have an opportunity to participate in non-credit classes on the ѨƵ campus through an organization called Institute for Learning in Retirement.